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Artist Statement

Artist’s Statement

The magnificence of life rests in natural and unintentional subtleties of our surroundings.  We smirk internally with joy when we see these details bustling to the next appointment or task.  I attempt to capture the essence of surprise and joy we feel at these times in my work:  a mother and daughter laughing, an elderly couple looking lovingly at each other eating, a listener swaying to a beautiful song, a dancer envisioning her steps before her routine.

San Francisco Bay artist Michael Accorsi works from his studio atop the redwood hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Working in a variety of media, from oil to watercolor, Accorsi is currently designing a series of large wall-sized expressionistic designs.  Accorsi’s work reflects the landscape and culture from summers traveling: culture influences from in Normandy France, Gossier, Guadeloupe (French West Indies), Montalcino, Italy, Todos, Santos, Mexico, and Daegu, South Korea.

Coming from a family of artists in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Accorsi’s style is lyrical and expressive of his subtle observations of life.  Michael studied,  practiced art at the University of Virginia, studied calligraphy and watercolor in Daegu, South Korea, but the teaching from his mother and grandmother, both accomplished artists shaped his artistic voice.

“I love expressive paintings with movement and passion.  My style is somewhat between the fierce realism of my grandmother Betty’s style, and the totally loose style of my mother Judy.  I enjoy working with a variety of media, even collage to capture the statement of my subjects.”